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Course: Lifestyle and Health (1614) - Auttumm 2023 - Assignment 1

Course: Lifestyle and Health (1614)

Q.1 What parameters are used to measure physical activity is measured sociodemographically?

Course: Epidemiology (1612) - Auttumm 2023 - Assignment 1

Course: Epidemiology (1612)

Q.1 Discuss public health issues and interventions pertaining to Epidemiological

triad model of infectious diseases

Course: Community Oriented Primary Care (1611) - Auttumm 2023 - Assignment 1

Course: Community Oriented Primary Care (1611)

Q.1. Differentiate between preventive and therapeutic care. Elaborate on the principles of Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC).

Preventive care and therapeutic care are two essential components of healthcare aimed at promoting and maintaining overall well-being, but they differ in their approaches and objectives:

Course: Basics of ICT (1431) - Autumm 2023 - Assignment 1

Course: Basics of ICT (1431)

Q. 1 a) Define the term ICT. Describe it with the help of proper examples.

b) Why internet and cell phones are being considered the good examples of

ICT? Explain and exemplify it in detail.

c) Write down the advantages and disadvantages of “Information and

Communication Technology”. 

Course: Business Statistics (1430) - Auttumm 2023 - Assignment 1

Course: Business Statistics (1430)

Q. 1 (a) Differentiate between populations and samples, and describe some advantages

of samples over populations.

(b) Why a frequency distribution is constructed? Explain various steps

involved in the construction of a frequency distribution.

(a) Populations and samples are two concepts commonly used in statistics: